The results of blending concepts

Wildflower A CakePHP CMS

Wildflower Themed with OOCSS

What OOCSS can do for a CMS

  • control of layouts & Sublayouts
  • clean methodological (css won't get unmanagable)
  • use of combo s of classes no clashing of id with css
  • modules, navigation & more

Navigation OOCSS

Expanding Upon ideas of Nicole & Others

  • tabs (verical & horizontal), trees
  • core navigation for use in headers & footers or pages
  • content navigation used with sidebars & main content
  • skipto links
  • complex menus systems (adding something special) eg & this other thing can't recall right now
  • Extending navigation for sitemaps

Slickmap, OOCSS & Sitemap Deluxe in Wildflower

Expanding Upon ideas of Nicole & Others

  • styles loaded in sep sheet for sitemaps only to reduce overheads


About my focus

A short simple piece about the dev things that are of interest to me and how I plan to blend many of these together, in what I hope to be a teselation of great beauty and wonder power and control over web documents & asset media

My Ideas are Truly the Results of Standing on the SHoulders of Giants

By which I mean these concepts are only possible due to the exceptional talents of many people aorund the world. I have had many of these concepts in mind for years. Using Wildflower as my basis I making these ideas happen, the foundations are firm since cakephp the basis of Wildflower is sucha great framework.